Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Episode 996: Saboteur Awards Judging Done!

Pies for lunch at The Somerville Arms with (most of) the house was yummy. Amazingly, the barbecue at ours tonight to celebrate Laura's birthday and Annie's last night at Warwick ended before midnight. Almost missed saying goodbye to people because I was keeping up with the judging for the Saboteur Awards, after getting tweeted just before things started winding down. We've settled on the results though, so that's exciting. Will post a link to the results when they've been announced. Now, since I don't have to be on campus until 3 pm for the experiment I'm taking part in tomorrow, I'm totally staying up to watch TV! I mean, come on, season premiere of Pretty Little Liars? Too good to wait until I wake up. Am watching the pilot for The Nine Lives Of Chloe King first though, another ABC Family show. Its pacing is a bit too hyperkinetic and disjointed, I think, although the premise has potential. It really does seem though as if ABC Family is just borrowing ideas from network TV that have already been done, and then rejigging them for a slightly younger audience. Pretty Little Liars was sort of like Desperate Housewives, and while it's too early to say for sure which show The Nine Lives Of Chloe King is reworking (possibly a mixture of Kyle XY and Smallville, I think), it's definitely not entirely original.

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