Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Episode 989: Resident Evil Franchise, Check

Have finished watching Resident Evil: Afterlife, the fourth instalment in the film franchise. The films have all been panned by critics, but have also been box office successes. It's not exactly hard to see why. Milla Jovovich isn't exactly hard on the eyes, is she, and what are the films apart from elaborate action/CGI scenes held together by the appearance of plot? (There is genuinely very little dialogue, I've noticed. It's mostly expository, or people shouting commands.) Wikipedia provides the factoid that Paul W. S. Anderson, who directed two and wrote all of the Resident Evil films, graduated from Warwick. (Same course as Michelle!) Other things I've been doing aside from watching really bad films include listening to Simon Curtis's new album R∆, which is freaking amazing pop from an independent artist, and sending a submission to a Singaporean anthology. Hope something gets selected for inclusion. It kind of blows that I can't seem to make much headway in the literary scene within my own country, at least not in recent years. Can't really say if it's a case of not knowing the right people or not writing in the currently popular fashion. Maybe I just haven't tried hard enough (to fit in)? In other news, today Eunoia Review published the first chapter of Will Henderson's memoir-in-progress, House of Cards. I think it's a cracking good read, so click here and have a look. More excerpts and links to other parts of it can also be found here.

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