Sunday, June 26, 2011

Episode 1007: Summer Party

At £38, I'd say that the Summer Party was a lot more worth it than the Graduation Ball. Again, didn't stay terribly late because I've still got packing to do. Sensibly caught the U1 at 9.30 pm with Annabella and Rob, whom I'd bumped into (with Nick Chen) at the Curiositea tent after wandering away from the paella queue to get a Coke. This means I've had a little bit of time to pack the final boxes before going to bed, which is fantastic. Just waiting for some sheets to be done in the dryer, and the sixth and final box will be sealed. Now my only concern is that I may have underestimated how much storage space I needed to rent, and that the boxes I've prepared won't fit into the unit I've rented. At this point though, I'm pretty much prepared to pay whatever's necessary to get a bigger unit, should it actually come to that. Anyway, the weather today was scorchingly perfect for the Summer Party, so I've got slightly tanner. Wasn't really into the music side of things, so I mostly just ate food and went on rides. Don't quite understand why there was such a huge queue when Laura and I got there mid-afternoon though. It's not like they only had one person working the entrance! Still, it was a suitably fun event at which to see loads of people for the last time (ever?), at least until graduation. Only people I properly said goodbye to were Annabella and Rob though, and that was on the U1.

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