Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Episode 1002: I Tweeted Authors (And They Tweeted Back!)

Not even home for summer break yet and already I've four reviews to write. Not complaining though! Finished reading Gavin James Bower's Dazed & Aroused yesterday, which really reminded me of Niven Govinden's We Are The New Romantics. (The former literally name-checks the latter in one chapter, and Bower thanks Govinden in the acknowledgements. Interestingly, both also appear to move in the same circles as Stuart Evers, whose debut collection I reviewed not too long ago.) I mentioned this on Twitter, and ended up having brief Twitter exchanges with both authors. Not going to lie, that kind of made my day. (Yes, I'm aware of how sad this potentially makes me sound, but I don't really care.) Just got back from the band practice for Matt's wedding, and now I'm watching the premiere of TNT's Falling Skies. It's tempting to dismiss it as just another show about aliens, but considering the disasters from the fall/winter schedule that were V and The Event, this is actually not bad. The focus on humans surviving in a post-apocalyptic setting is basically the same premise as AMC's The Walking Dead, but with more likeable characters, if you ask me. I did like The Walking Dead, but I can't honestly say I found many of the characters particularly palatable. With Falling Skies, on the other hand, one of the leads is a father trying to find his son who was enslaved by the aliens. I'm a sucker for the emotional arc his character is so clearly going to experience over 10 episodes.

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