Monday, June 13, 2011

Episode 994: Still Not Done!

Just got back from Claire's birthday bar crawl. Left before Kelsey's because that place is kind of rank, to be honest. As in, literally. It always smells bad. Now trying, yet again, to finish that issue of Cake. Also sent off my entry to the LIPPfest Poetry Competition today. Don't really know what my chances are, but the poems I sent in were pretty much my last remaining good ones that haven't been published already or sent out to editors. We'll see! If I win anything, I'm definitely reinvesting the prize money back into more books of poetry. Found out yesterday that Emma Mason is editing The Collected Poems of Elizabeth Jennings, out in September from Carcanet, it seems. Quite excited about that. Jennings is one of those poets that I've never really read extensively, but from what I gather, is the sort of poet I would enjoy. The latest episode of Game Of Thrones was heartbreaking by the way, even though I already knew what was coming. I really feel like I should get into the novels as well, but they're so long, and I've already got so many other things to read. I suppose I will get around to them when George R. R. Martin finally finishes the whole series? Wouldn't want to invest in it and then have to wait ages for the latest instalment to emerge.

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