Saturday, June 18, 2011

Episode 999: Let The Packing Commence!

Have begun packing books and miscellaneous stuff for shipping home. I've taken to packing books into Amazon boxes, and then putting those into the Seven Seas boxes, rather than using bubble wrap. Bubble wrap just makes things harder because it refuses to stay in place unless I spend even more time taping it into place. I just want to get things done as quickly as possible! Have filled two boxes so far, and I'm beginning to suspect that my initial estimate that only three standard boxes would be needed at most was wildly optimistic. I did order one large box, so that could possibly take care of anything remaining that needs to be sent home, once I figure out which poetry books stay and which I want to take back to read over the summer. Mostly Singaporean stuff in the latter category anyway, to prepare for my possible dissertation topic. I am shipping almost all of my fiction stuff home, and only a couple of books will come back with me in September/October to Warwick, if any. My track record in reading stuff that I have with me in the UK is honestly quite abysmal, and hardly justifies carting numerous books back and forth. Mostly the books just sit in my room looking pretty. Oh wait, that's what they do in Singapore too...

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