Sunday, June 05, 2011

Episode 986: Finally Watching Doctor Who!

Stopped by The Jug & Jester for Phil's birthday drinks after service, and ended up staying till closing time. Now back home, finally watching the midseason cliffhanger of Doctor Who. I totally already know what happens though, because I simply had to know and looked up reviews of the episode online. Meant to get some reading done today before church, but ended up watching a new episode of Camelot instead. Kind of expected Leontes to die in this one, and I'm still convinced that's where the series is going (there is one more episode after all, and it's likely to feature a convenient battle of sorts), just that I was surprised by the restraint in not killing him off now, what with all those arrows flying about. I suppose saving this death till the end is some attempt to enliven what has otherwise felt like quite a slow season. I mean, Merlin has painfully slow plot development as well, partially because it's started from when all the central Arthurian characters are practically kids, but Camelot is just ridiculous. There've only been a couple of occasions when it surprised me, a notable occasion being the episode where the story behind how Merlin acquires Excalibur is told. It's a pretty grim episode overall, and a little morbid as well, naming the sword after a dead girl.

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