Thursday, June 23, 2011

Episode 1004: Last House Party?

Got two boxes meant for storage filled, so that's progress. Definitely can take care of the remaining ones after the Summer Party. Then all that's left is the final hurdle: transporting to the storage facility. Hopefully, that won't be too much trouble, moving four boxes around by myself. Still hoping someone I know with a car will turn out to be free on Monday to drive me into Coventry! Was initially in two minds about going to the house party at Nina's, but figured I should since it'd probably be the last house party for me this year. Good call as it turns out. Stayed till past 3 am, and those of us still there got takeaway pizza. Shared a taxi home with Pete and Sophie as well, so that took care of having to walk from quite far into South Leamington, which seemed a slightly dodgy proposition to undertake alone. That said, daylight was creeping up on us by the time we left, which was a bit surreal. Getting a taxi was definitely better than having to walk all the way back to my house, so Lucy should totally have stayed on at the party. It would literally have cost just over £1 for each of us then.

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