Saturday, June 25, 2011

Episode 1006: Matt & Emma's Wedding!

So it turns out that cordon at the bottom of the Parade was because of a suspected homicide. Wow. In happier news, Matt and Emma got married today! I woke up after five hours of sleep to get to the final practice for the band. Quite pleased that I caught the bus I'd planned to, as that doesn't happen very often when it actually matters. The wedding, by the way, was genuinely moving. Really honoured to be part of the band as well, so thanks for asking, Matt. Also, the spread (and quality) of food was definitely better than what we had yesterday at the ball. If I heard right, the caterer was relatively cheap, so that just makes it even more impressive. I've also unexpectedly discovered a taste for Cava. Probably drank more champagne tonight than I've heretofore drunk in my life. Not complaining though! Would've stayed later than I did, but I was absolutely knackered, and still had to get on with packing for Monday, so I left around 11 pm. Narrowly missed the bus going back to Leamington, then decided it really wasn't worth waiting around an hour for the next one given how tired I was, so I got a taxi home for £20! So. Worth. It.

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