Monday, June 27, 2011

Episode 1008: It Is Literally Too Warm!

The six boxes fit perfectly into the storage unit! Had so much trouble trying to call for a taxi that I ended up walking to the taxi rank further down the Parade and getting into one there. The driver was such a nice man too. When we got to the storage facility in Coventry, he offered to wait with my boxes while I went into the reception area to sort things out, and only left when he received a call-in booking. If I'd known the paperwork would take that long, I wouldn't have let him stay with the boxes! Anyway, that's settled now. All that remains is to stuff everything into my luggage, which so far, seems to be going well. Might end up being overweight, in which case my contingency plan is to shift books from the checked in suitcase to the carry-on, unless the person at the counter is nice to me. It's ridiculously warm in my room again today, and I've literally showered three times today, between the heat and the packing. Have also been trying to finish the food I have left, with limited success. Have loads of crisps left that I'm leaving to the rest of the house, and there are some Indian curries left that I won't get through by tomorrow, but I've eaten the Ben & Jerry's and the Tesco frozen blueberries. All while watching Party Down. I'm really trying to like this show, but I'm not feeling it. So in relation to the discussion with Nick Chen at the Summer Party, I maintain that Community is definitely funnier.

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