Sunday, June 19, 2011

Episode 1000: Creative Writing Dinner, Part One

Look! It's my thousandth post! I think I'm going to fill it with (too) many exclamation marks! (No, not really.) Just got back from a lovely dinner at Le Bistrot Pierre with a bunch of the creative writers. I always forget how much I like the restaurant, until the next time I eat there anyway. I am particularly fond of the potato dauphinoise that they serve as a side to accompany your main course! (Okay, that was the last exclamation mark, I promise.) Think I might bring my parents there when we're in Leamington in July. Or we could go to the one in Stratford when we visit that. Woke up ridiculously early to get to the morning service, despite having a bout of insomnia and not falling asleep till sometime past 3 am. (Maybe I'm more sensitive to the caffeine in Coke than I think?) Came home straight after, and then on impulse, decided to buy myself a ticket to see Doctor Faustus at the Globe on Wednesday. The unpredictability of English weather meant that I wasn't going to spend a mere £5 for a standing ticket in case it rains, so I've indulged and bought a seat in the most expensive price category. It really just translates to a more unobstructed view from the gallery, so I don't really mind. Am usually happy to fork over more money for theatre tickets anyway.

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