Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Episode 1010: Still 74, After Three Years...

Am back home safe and sound after the airport fiasco. Flight was uneventful, at least. Saw The Rite, which was basically Anthony Hopkins doing a remix of his Hannibal Lecter character, minus the cannibalism. Colin O'Donoghue also starred, as an implausibly good-looking (and sceptical) Catholic priest-to-be. Then I saw Crime D'amour, which was very, I suppose one would say, French. I loved the whole revenge plot, but it seemed like something was missing that would have made the film cohere. Technically, there aren't any gaps in the logic of events as they play out, but that this is only made clear in the last 15 minutes or so of the film (primarily through flashbacks that extend the initial snippets shown earlier) isn't particularly helpful. I also saw Tron: Legacy, which now seems vastly overrated, and I'm including Garrett Hedlund in that statement. Interesting premise and visuals, but let down by the execution, I thought. Also watched Come Fly With Me, brought to us by Matt Lucas and David Walliams of Little Britain fame, and I didn't find it terribly funny. The whole format of the jokes was actually really repetitive, and most were either trying too hard to be funny, or just trading on racist stereotypes. Anyway, I've got the breakdown of my module results, and boy, did I bomb on the Shakespeare paper. I suppose I could've studied more, definitely. In the end though, my average across eight modules still worked out to a 74, which is essentially the recurring theme of my university career, I've come to realise, so I should just accept it and be happy. To bastardise the Bard, 'What's in a number? that which we call a First / By any other number would look as neat'.

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