Sunday, May 08, 2011

Episode 958: Team Jeff!

Forgot to mention yesterday that I found George Ttoouli's Static Exile in Oxfam Marylebone for £2. Also found the most recent anthology by the MA in Writing students for £2.50. Bought both, despite already owning a copy of Static Exile. I figured someone back at Warwick might want it, since I don't think Amazon UK has it in stock anymore. Instead of finishing my story for the EN236 portfolio, however, I've been scheduling posts for Eunoia Review, so there's now work lined up for publication nearly up to the one-year mark for the journal! Will probably cross that point by the end of this week. Have also been catching up on TV, and I hereby declare Community the best comedy currently on air, and The Vampire Diaries as the best drama with an unrealistically attractive cast playing characters at least three years younger than their real age. Props to the latter as well for its insanely high body count of said attractive people. So suck it, Twilight fans! (I would note at this point that I didn't compare The Vampire Diaries with True Blood because they're clearly not pitched at the same demographic, despite being in the same genre, so fans of the latter can relax.) As for Community, I didn't think it was possible to top the awesomeness of last year's paintball finale, but this year's two-parter is well on its way. Oh, and I'm definitely Team Jeff, even though it was great seeing Josh Holloway back on TV. On a Lost-related note, I didn't realise that Matthew Fox and Olivia Williams (Dollhouse) were starring in a new Neil LaBute play in London! How did I not know this? Totally know what I'm going to be doing in the week immediately after my last paper now.

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