Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Episode 954: Me And My Crazy HTML Skills! (No, Not Really)

So the shortlist for the first Saboteur Awards is out, which means I've got 11 magazines to read and think about by the end of the month! Fortunately, I've read three of them before. I read George Ttoouli's Polarity Magazine after the launch event at Warwick, FRiGG for a Sabotage Reviews review, and I read through the entire archives of Pomegranate for Incwriters, but the website was taken down before I ever got around to turning in any of the magazine reviews for them. Would have tried to finish the shortlisted issue of Horizon Review today after I got back from French, but I ended up spending some time helping David Tait fix the About Us page of The Cadaverine so that it would display the new editorial team's biographies. I think I did a pretty good job (here's proof), considering I was wading through HTML that I didn't put together. David's been such a lovely editor and friend though, so I was glad to help out. Have also decided I can afford to put off finishing the story until after I get back from London. Won't necessarily deliberately avoid finishing it tomorrow if I can, but it just won't be an absolute priority. Last EN236 seminar was pretty interesting, in that a grand total of eight people tipped up. George made us talk about our influences at the end, which was interesting, I guess, hearing what everyone had to say for themselves. I named Italo Calvino (specifically The Castle Of Crossed Destinies, Invisible Cities, and If On A Winter's Night A Traveler), Kazuo Ishiguro, and Russell Hoban (everything except Riddley Walker, which I see as an anomaly amongst his work).

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