Sunday, May 22, 2011

Episode 972: Library Chats Beat Revision Hands Down

It's literally a godsend that not only is the disgraced ex-IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn a Frenchman, one of his mooted successors happens to be Christine Lagard, the French finance minister. I will be quite disappointed with myself if I don't find a way to slip this timely pieces of knowledge into my oral examination tomorrow, especially since I actually know all the proper French vocabulary for them. Being on worship today was good, although I was a little late getting back for the evening service practice, having had a really good chat with Freya and Nick in the Library, which was sort of strange because they're kind of friends I only made comparatively recently. We're now having lunch tomorrow! Meant I totally did not read The Changeling like I was supposed to though, and I'm now more likely than not just revising four plays for EN301. Also can't be bothered to revise French vocabulary any further, although I really should attempt one last look at it all, so I might do that before going to bed. I'm just paranoid that if I don't have a last glance at everything, I'll miss re-reading precisely the phrase that I'll find myself reaching for during the translation component tomorrow and failing to remember. It wouldn't exactly be a massive tragedy, since the oral is the final bit of the internal examination, and it doesn't count for too much. Still, every little bit counts, seeing as I can't guarantee a fantastic performance in my other upcoming papers!

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