Friday, May 27, 2011

Episode 977: Freedom Doesn't Feel That Special

Had dinner at Noodle Bar with most of the house, plus Annie, Freya and Kathy. The Coventry people presumably went clubbing after we had post-dinner drinks, while we went home. Am now catching up on the remaining television that I skipped because of revision. Can't decide if the glacial plot development of Camelot is intriguing or infuriating, since the show's already put quite a few twists on the Arthurian legend. Merlin, however, is far superior as entertainment. Plus this is a Starz show! Where's all the sex and violence gone? (Okay, right after I typed that, a little boy who was really sweet in the episode fell off a balcony and died. That was a bit upsetting. Whoa, now Igraine's just stabbed someone while having sex with him in exchange for her freedom. That's all the boxes ticked then.) Anyway, we've got half a month more to read and review the shortlist for the Saboteur Awards, so that's good. I can concentrate on polishing off Stuart Evers's Ten Stories About Smoking, which comes intriguingly packaged like a box of cigarettes. I would say it's corny, except that it's actually pretty rare to see paperbacks being marketed this way. Hope the stories are good though, as it'd be a shame otherwise. The packaging would just be gimmickry then, wouldn't it?

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