Friday, May 20, 2011

Episode 970: See You The Day After Tomorrow...

Have just finished re-reading The Taming Of The Shrew, which took less time than I could have made it take, but also certainly most time than was strictly necessary for something that wasn't a first reading. Tomorrow, I'll tackle the Middleton plays, and then back to more Shakespeare over the weekend. I think I've basically abandoned any attempts to do more for EN236, although since I've read all the books at least once before, I'm pinning all hopes on a cursory skim the day before being enough. Would probably be good to memorise some generic quotes, especially since some of the books have snazzy introductions, but I guess it'll be fine, right? It can't be as bad as everyone is freaking out about on Facebook, right? Plus, people, it's the Rapture tomorrow evening at 6 pm, isn't it? A bit of perspective in order here. In other news, my previous entry about Rebecca Black as prophetess of the Rapture has so far failed to go viral. Absolutely gutted. On the other hand, Eunoia Review got a passing mention in the Poetry Foundation's blog! That was pretty awesome. It wasn't for anything earth-shattering, mind you. Just props for how quickly I get back to people who submit. Currently, it's hovering somewhere around half a day, which I'm quite proud of, considering it's basically a one-man operation and I read every single word of every single submission that comes in.

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