Saturday, May 07, 2011

Episode 957: Seriously, Poor George Yeo...

So the GRC system finally came back to bite the PAP. George Yeo is really the biggest victim of the election, even more than Chiam See Tong, if you ask me. I hope the WP uses the upcoming five-year term to prove itself in a GRC, but more importantly, I want to see them (and the other opposition parties in general) make some mention about the need for national unity post-elections, like Khaw Boon Wan did. My only concern is that local politics will become even more polarised, and that by 2016, even if the WP doesn't do as great a job as promised, fanatical supporters will just push more opposition members into Parliament. GE 2011 has set an important precedent for local politics, but what matters is how the electorate views it in future. Let's hope Singaporeans continue to engage in rational debate/discourse rather than voting emotionally! I'm pretty glad Nicole Seah's charm offensive failed to help the NSP much, and I think the PAP margin in Marine Parade GRC would've been wider if Tin Pei Ling hadn't pulled a Goh Chok Tong-led team down anyway. (By the way, can we agree the SDA is pretty much an irrelevant party at this point? SDP is getting more credible, so they should just shut Chee Soon Juan and his antics out for good.) In other news, now is probably the best time to move to Potong Pasir. Haha!

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