Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Episode 975: Et Il Continue...

So the DFP B2 examination wasn't that hard. The first section was mildly annoying though, as I finished 20 minutes into a one-hour section. Was allowed to get a book out to read for tomorrow's EN236 paper, so that wasn't too bad in the end. Still, one hour was just an unnecessary amount of time! Gamble paid off for EN301, so I managed to craft a thesis statement that fit in perfectly with what I'd been revising, although I think the essay on the whole lacked the kind of nuance I would have tried to give it under non-examination conditions, so I'm not absolutely confident it's going to get a great mark. Oh well. At least my French module should balance out the grade on this module! Have spent an hour or so just typing out quotes that I think it'd be useful to remember for tomorrow. Do you think if I read them over and over and over, I'll actually remember enough of them in about 15 hours' time? That's basically what I'm counting on. Then it'll be the end of my undergraduate academic career and the start of a month of drinks and parties and sunshine. Lovely.

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