Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Episode 961: Last Undergraduate Seminar Ever!

It's not even midnight yet, and everyone's gone home from our house barbecue. I suspect this has something to do with the weather being chillier today than it has been for quite a while. Anyway, before I arrived more than an hour late at a BBQ held in my own house, I had my last official undergraduate seminar ever. It was LL251, so it was as usual a tad on the boring side. Not sure if I really need to revise all that much for the French paper on Monday, and after sitting through Tom Cornford's revision seminar earlier in the day, I'm not sure that all that much revision is needed for Shakespeare either. Feels like it's more about being able to construct a compelling argument from selected textual evidence, as opposed to some sort of comprehensive knowledge of a whole bunch of plays. Ditto for my EN236 paper. Basically, it feels like my examinations this year don't technically require much revision, although maybe I'm just telling myself that because there's less than a week to go before they start and I've done precious little revision. Going to get on with French tomorrow and then read one or two plays, depending on how far I get with the French. Shouldn't take long actually, since it's mostly about going over the vocabulary and memorising some stock phrases for the letter-writing component.

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