Monday, May 30, 2011

Episode 980: Congratulations To S. J. Fowler!

One of the contributors to Eunoia Review has a new collection out with The Knives Forks and Spoons Press, so this is just a quick plug to say that S. J. Fowler's Red Museum is now available on Amazon UK. It's quite exciting to have the journal credited in someone's collection, so may there be more to come in future! Anyway, I've been looking at self-storage places for the summer, and may have found one in Coventry that does the first month for just 1p, minimum two-month rental of the space. Now to figure out if I can in fact make do with the smallest unit that they offer, and how exactly am I going to get all the stuff transported there. Am slowly gearing up to reading stuff for review as well. Could have got something done today, I think, but I was still procrastinating. It is, after all, a Bank Holiday, something that I did not know until yesterday evening, having asked Sarah Adamson if she'd like me in this afternoon to do Kidz Klub stuff. Tomorrow, I shall procrastinate by going to get a haircut. I figure the journeys to and from London on Wednesday, when I'm going to see a matinee performance of In A Forest, Dark And Deep (Matthew Fox and Olivia Williams in a new Neil LaBute play!), should be enough to get me through the short story collection that I need to review by Friday.

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