Friday, May 13, 2011

Episode 963: My Personal Black Friday

What does it say about me that when I woke up and realised it was Friday the 13th, the first thought was honestly wondering what Rebecca Black would have made of Black Friday. Anyway, for a change, my Friday the 13th devolved into something that while wasn't quite a nightmare, could surely have turned out much better. For starters, I went to look at the room just down the road that I was planning of reserving for 2011/12. The property's nice and quiet, postgraduates-only, but it turns out I've been going about applying for accommodation the wrong way. I blame the very badly designed Warwick Accommodation site. Basically, I've managed to pay the £250 Postgraduate Reservation Fee, but I'm not sure what exactly I've managed to apply for, since there didn't seem to be any options in the application form. Most odd, and I've e-mailed the Accommodation team to express my mild confusion at what's happened. The money paid goes towards the first term's rent payment, so the money's not the issue. I would like to have an option to specify which hall I prefer for on-campus housing though, even if my preference is definitely still that room down the road. It's all a bit perplexing, and I would like to sort it out to my satisfaction as soon as possible.

Then I came home and realised it was possible to book rooms with Warwick Conferences without making an enquiry first. Except there's no link to the booking form on the page talking about graduation stuff! So now they're fully booked for the days that I wanted. Had to spend about an hour trawling the Internet for alternatives, and have finally settled on a hotel in Leamington. Went ahead and booked because it was down to the last room for the option I needed, but since cancellation is free, if my parents don't like it, I can always look for something else. Don't see why they'd object though, plus it's cheaper than what we'd have had to pay to Warwick Conferences. To top if all off, I haven't managed to do any revision. Again. At least I'm making some headway with the Saboteur Awards shortlist. Yesterday, I finished reading La Petite Zine Issue 24: Emotional Rescue and re-reading FRiGG Issue 29 and Polarity Magazine Issue 1: Death vs. Taxes. Going to try and get through Envoi Issue 157 before bed, and maybe Stone Telling Issue One. Then the day won't be a total bust. Could still do a bit of French, I guess. I've pretty much decided there's no point worrying about the examinations for EN236 or EN301 because I know I should be able to handle them, even with slightly over a week's worth of revision. It's just a matter of finally re-reading the plays I've selected, and going over the groups of writers I'm planning on using. I'll totally be fine, right?

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