Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Episode 960: Failure To Revise

90210 and Gossip Girl back-to-back. The perfect way to end a day when I did...what exactly? Oh yeah. Nothing. Handed in my last bit of assessed undergraduate work yesterday, so I could have started on revision, but I just didn't. I did, however, rethink what combination of authors I'm using for the EN236 examination, so that counts for something. I stand corrected, by the way, on the matter of Gossip Girl's reluctance to add new members to its main cast. Although no official announcement has been made yet, Jessica Szohr and Taylor Momsen have been let go, but they may be invited to return for guest appearances. Must sting particularly for Szohr, since her role started out as a recurring that got upgraded to a series regular midway through Season 1. If Chace Crawford weren't such a pretty face, I'd have bet on his being kicked out as well. Kaylee DeFer, who plays new arrival Charlie, has been bumped to a series regular from Season 5 onwards, although so far, she's mostly been boring and stupid. I suppose they needed someone new so that the guys had someone new to make out with. Would much rather they had brought back Katie Cassidy though, or even Hilary Duff. I'd have forgiven any amount of plot contrivances, especially for the former, who was basically the best thing about the failed Melrose Place reboot. Just realised that most of the TV shows I follow regularly end their current seasons a week before my week of examinations. Isn't that convenient?

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