Friday, May 06, 2011

Episode 956: I Voted!

Talking about the Singaporean elections, of course. I'm pretty apathetic when it comes to British politics. The actual process of voting was totally anticlimactic, seriously. That and my GRC isn't a 'hot' one, so didn't feel like I was making some sort of political stand anyway. To my fellow Singaporeans casting your votes back home, just remember that what you're really doing is commemorating my birthday! Far more interesting was lunch and dinner before and after voting, both at restaurants serving Singaporean food. I don't hanker obsessively for it when I'm abroad, but I wouldn't say no to it either. So I've had char kway teow and lakes today! Didn't go to Oxfam though, so I'm doing that tomorrow! Diego very sweetly brought cake when we adjourned to Eugene's place after dinner, which when you consider that this is only like the third (fourth?) time we've met in, what, two-plus years, was very kind of him. I think so anyway, and it's my birthday we're discussing right now, so therefore I am right. End of story.

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