Thursday, May 26, 2011

Episode 976: Et Il Finit...With The Government Inspector!

Final paper anticlimactic as anticipated, although questions that came out were perfect for me. Did a vaguely science fiction flash fiction for Section C, which I actually wish I could have a copy of because I thought it was pretty okay for something written in about an hour, without editing. (Literally did not use Tipp-Ex once!) So on the whole, I think this paper went okay. All that unnecessary fretting in hindsight! Stayed on campus for the obligatory session of drinks in the pub, and then caught Government Inspector with Bella and Rahul. Totally realise now that the person I walked past in the Arts Centre a couple of evenings ago was Julian Barratt! (This is apparently a big deal, but naturally, I had no clue at the time, as you do.) The play was an entertaining farce, particularly loved the scene where hands just appeared in random locations, brandishing bribes. I thought the timing was a little off in the first scene, and the very last moment of the play was a bit abrupt and too in-your-face. Otherwise though, enjoyable stuff. Appreciated how the mayor's wife was a huge sendup of the sort of crass reality TV middle-aged woman. Also favouring my academic freedom for a while before getting back to the stuff I need to read for review. Deadline in just over a week...

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