Monday, May 23, 2011

Episode 973: Sleepy Revision...

The oral went okay, I think, although there were a couple of embarrassing moments, especially during the translation segment. Still, I think I acquitted myself decently. Met up with Freya, Lizzie and Nick for lunch and Library times after that. Could probably have got more done, but at least I've finished The Changeling now (although it didn't quite live up to Sophie's hype), and I'm going to get through Antony And Cleopatra before going to bed, which shouldn't be too hard because I read it to death when I did it at 'A' Levels. I think I'd definitely have been more productive this afternoon if I hadn't only had about six hours of sleep each of the past two nights. I think I'll be fine though. By tomorrow, I'll have prepared about as much as I did for my core module examinations in previous years, plus this time, we can annotate our texts, so I don't even have to attempt to memorise useful quotes! In fact, I probably already have far more than I can usefully include in an essay under examination conditions anyway, just need to transfer them to my Post-it notes. Then I should probably try and get through at least one set of authors for EN236. Just three more days and everything'll be done! Can't wait.

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