Friday, June 01, 2012

Episode 1348: Touch Wraps Up Solidly

Saw the two-part finale for Touch today, and I thought it was great. I've been rooting for this show since it began, and while it's drawn a lot of criticism for being schmaltzy and too reliant on coincidences to tie up its stories week to week, I think all those critics are being far too cynical. Surely the point is that Touch as a show isn't trying to be realistic, but rather is asking its viewers every week, what if you could actually see how everyone is connected to everyone else? It might seem hard to believe, but isn't that just because on a day-to-day basis, none of us has that level of omniscience? I'm looking forward to the addition of Maria Bello's character in Season 2, and Kiefer Sutherland continues to surprise me with how he manages to pull off 'sort of vulnerable father', especially acting opposite a child character who's been mute all of this season. I really hope Fox doesn't manage to screw this show up, even though I'm honestly expecting the ratings to tank or hold steady at best, depending on what it's scheduled opposite on the other networks. Oh well. I hope Season 2 will at least develop the explanation for Jake's abilities further, but frankly, I'd be satisfied with another season filled with nothing but randomly purposeful connections among a global cast of characters. On any other show, the diversity would probably feel tokenistic, but this show is so overwhelmingly earnest, it makes me want to believe that all we need to become better people is to realise how alike we all really are.

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