Thursday, June 07, 2012

Episode 1354: 500 Views In Four Hours

How did that just happen? Eunoia Review managed 500 page views in just over four hours this afternoon, and I have absolutely no idea where the views are coming from. They're almost entirely from the USA, but that's not saying much because the journal's readership has always been heavily weighted in that direction anyway. Whatever the case, it's just another part of what's been a really great day, which has only been marred by the refusal of iTunes Genius to stop crashing my laptop. (I don't use the Genius function at all, so I've turned it off rather than waste time trying to fix the problem.) Firstly, I don't appear to be jetlagged at all. I went to bed at around 10 pm, and woke up at around 9 am, which is the sort of enviable sleeping pattern that I don't think I've ever been able to enjoy at any point in my life, to be honest. Read J.T. Welsch's pamphlet Waterloo today, and it's a lovely sequence of poems. Definitely getting his Holdfire pamphlet (and the others as well) once they're available for ordering on Amazon UK. Am now reading Rebecca Lindenberg's Love, An Index, which Terrance Hayes describes on the back cover sticker as 'a terrific litany of losses and retrievals. These poems re-cover, reclaim, and remake the elegy form.' Have wanted to get it ever since the McSweeney's Small Chair app featured a selection of the poems, and with the release of a second volume in their poetry series (Allan Peterson's Fragile Acts), I figured it was time to start buying. Was also approached by a friend about doing some literary-related stuff in a couple of months, but I'll say more about that when the time comes, with links and appropriate amount of fanfare for the informing of whoever's reading this blog. Then I pre-ordered Splice, the newest game from Cipher Prime (i.e. the guys behind Auditorium, Fractal and Pulse, all awesome, beautiful games). Randomly, I also discovered that I really like the iced caramel latte that the Arts Centre cafe does. Sure, it's probably far too sweet to be healthy, but being healthy is definitely not one of the reasons people drink coffee anyway!

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