Sunday, June 03, 2012

Episode 1350: New iPad!

Thanks to my dad, I now have the new iPad at last. Have spent most of the day filling it with stuff from the App Store, although I'm being quite selective about what I put on the iPad because I don't want it to become as cluttered as my iPhone. Mostly I'm putting the literary stuff, as well as games that I think would be more fun to play on the larger screen of the iPad. (Am slightly annoyed that iBooks isn't syncing like I expected it would, so I've kind of given up on getting those NAP PDFs onto the iPad.) On the plus side, maybe this will also inspire me to start culling the apps on my iPhone. Haven't done that since the time I had to reset it to factory settings! I've also synced all the articles for both my essay and my dissertation to Dropbox, and then installed that on the iPad, so now I can finally read stuff without having to lug my laptop around or being cooped up in my room. Whether this will actually increase my productivity is another matter altogether, of course. I'm aiming to have 1500 new words to show my supervisor by the middle of next week, although I'm sort of tempted to ask him to push our meeting back by one week, just to give myself time to get over the jet lag. Will see how I feel on Thursday, I suppose.

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