Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Episode 1360: Essay Mode Engaged(?)

Was supposed to meet my supervisor at 4 pm, but he wasn't in. I'm wondering if I might've got the day wrong, but no matter. I won't be able to meet him until the end of term, and I won't have written anything new by then either, since I'll either be writing my essay or new poems addressed to the Merlion during its journey to Venice. Yeah, that's the idea I had last night. Sort of inspired by Joey Comeau's Overqualified, a novel told through a series of cover letters, so I want the letters to tell a sort of wider story. (Side note: I read The Complete Lockpick Pornography on my coach to London yesterday, and it was awesome!) That's the plan anyway. Might find that the poems are boring, or there isn't enough material for a sequence. Won't know until I start writing. My only concern is whether the accompanying commentary would end up overlapping too much with my dissertation, but I suppose if the overlaps only consist of citing historical facts, I should be fine. Now trying to decide if I want to read David Kennedy's Elegy to prepare for my essay, or Bill Clegg's Portrait Of An Addict As A Young Man, which arrived today in the post.

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