Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Episode 1374: Dear NatWest, When Will You Stop Pretending This Isn't Serious?

I find it both amusing and a cause for concern that NatWest apparently still have not resolved their technical issue(s). It's been, what, two weeks now? Also, the apologetic note appearing on the bank website keeps getting signed off by increasingly senior executives. Right now, it's up to the level of Group Chief Executive. The notes are all the same though, just platitudes about how sorry they are and they promise no one will be out of pocket and they're doing everything they can to resolve the situation. Seems to be working though, since I haven't heard of anyone panicking. (Yet.) Lots of irate people, but not exactly a stampede of people trying to take their money out of NatWest accounts. (Oh wait. It's because they can't!) Meanwhile, I've also just realised that the review I've stalled on all day probably isn't urgent, since I don't think my editor is going to see it until he gets back from his trip anyway. I kind of still want to finish it before going to bed, as the magazine is short and the review's meant to be as well. I even know pretty much everything I'm going to say. I'm just hesitating about typing it out because I want to figure out how to be constructive with my criticisms.

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