Saturday, June 09, 2012

Episode 1356: Spooky Numbers!

Just realised that the number 30 is even more significant for the Merlion than I thought. I already noted the 30 years between Thumboo's 'Ulysses By The Merlion' appearing in his collection of the same name (1979) till the publication of Reflecting On The Merlion anthology (2009), but it turns out that 30 years also passed between its first use as the then-STPB's logo (1964) till the poem was inscribed on a plaque in the Merlion Park (1994), as well as between the Merlion statues' installation in the Merlion Park (1972) till their relocation to the other side of the Esplanade Bridge to provide a better view (2002). Definitely should stick this somewhere in my dissertation, just as a sort of historical quirk. Maybe in the introduction, to provide some spiel about the significance of the anthology's timing being traced back to these earlier milestones. Haven't written much today, although I've got an opening sentence down for my middle chapter, and an idea of the conclusion that the first chapter's argument heads towards. Am at the point where I'm thinking that I should just e-mail the thing we had to do for Introduction to Research Methods to my supervisor as a crude draft of what the literature review section of my introduction will look like. It's not perfect, but most of it can be salvaged/trimmed down for that purpose eventually.

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