Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Episode 1366: Right, NatWest, As If I Would Call

So NatWest has still not reversed the charges, and all my tweet achieved was getting myself asked to follow the NatWest account and to get someone to call me. Right, as if I'm going to waste my time being put on hold and shunted from person to person, all for my problem not to be resolved in the end. I'm going to give the bank till the end of the week, as the charges still don't have a description in my account yet, which means that NatWest hasn't even figured out what the initial charges were for, let alone got around to reversing them. Now that they've closed their branch on campus, to speak to someone in person would require forking out a few pounds for a bus into the city centre. Not that I can't afford that, but it's the idea of having to spend my money to fix a problem that shouldn't even be one to begin with that rankles. So I'll just go to the branch in Victoria when I'm in London again next week. Or I could go tomorrow, I suppose. Or maybe I'll wake up tomorrow, and all that money will be magically back in my account. (Yeah, I don't think so either.) On a happier note, I've written a review today, which means I'm down to, oh, about a dozen more to go. Little victories though, right?

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