Monday, June 04, 2012

Episode 1351: Four London Trips In Three Weeks!

Am going to be in London four times this month, which is more times than I've been there in the rest of the academic year so far. Going to get the Megabus from Cannon Park, and I've even managed to book two of my journeys for 90p. Had no idea that Megabus could get that cheap! Must be some kind of advance thing, as I could've booked another of my trips for 90p, but when I actually got around to doing it a day later, the price had gone up to £4.50. Have also selected my seat for my return flight tomorrow. Am in the same one as on the flight to Singapore, and I'm actually hoping for a repeat of what happened then, when the rest of my row ended up being empty and I could have a bit of a nap, stretched out. It's probably not going to happen, but maybe at least an empty seat next to me? Oh well. At least with my iPad, maybe I'll actually do some reading during the flight for a change, unless it so happens that there are actually half a dozen movies available that I would like to see. (Probably not, but never say never. Would really like to see Prometheus, but since that hasn't even been released yet in the cinemas here, I doubt it'll be on KrisWorld.)

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