Friday, June 08, 2012

Episode 1355: 731 Views!

That's how many views the journal eventually got for today. It's obviously going to be a one-off spike, but hey, still pretty cool. Have started watching Downton Abbey at last, in order to put off writing my dissertation for another night. (Will definitely do something tomorrow!) I'm actually really enjoying it and wondering to myself why I didn't start watching this sooner. It's like a classier version of Gossip Girl, with English instead of American accents, and set in the previous century. Am simultaneously procrastinating by doing my film titles for next term's WSC publicity booklet. Can't upload them though, as my laptop freezes every time I try to access the subfolder that contains the remote desktop package. So that's two things that can't work now. The weird thing is that otherwise, the laptop seems to run fine. I mean, I even managed to run Granado Espada, and everyone knows gaming consumes a huge amount of system resources, right? So I'm starting to think if maybe this isn't even a hard disk problem, but something to do with the laptop's memory instead.

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