Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Episode 1373: Bonfire!

Just got back from a barbecue-cum-bonfire in the field behind my church. It's kind of sad to think that this was probably the last time for quite a while, possibly ever, that I'm seeing some of my friends. I suppose there's always Facebook for keeping up with what's going on in each other's lives, but it's not really the same as being able to meet people and chat, especially people in the cell that I've been attending this year. Ah well, it was always going to be this way, wasn't it? No sense getting all cut up about it. So my copy of theNewerYork arrived today, and I'm excited to read it. Was very impressed that it was sent using first class international postage. Also tried to start my review of 20x20 magazine. I like the concept of it, but I just don't think this most recent issue is particularly strong. The images/artwork side of it is pretty good, but I'm not feeling it as far as the writing's concerned. Might be the issue's theme that's at fault, as I actually quite enjoyed the previous issue, which I've also been sent as a sort of reference. It doesn't really help that there's so little writing to critique in this issue in the first place, so it doesn't really feel wholly representative of the magazine.

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