Monday, June 11, 2012

Episode 1358: A Sort-of Reading

This afternoon, I was going to attend a reading by Charles Boyle in the Chaplaincy, but in the end, only two people showed up, me and Lemma. So instead of a reading, what transpired was a sort of informal chat with him and Michael Hulse, and David Morley, when he came by. Also got a bit of an inside look at the making of this autumn's Poetry Review, partly concerning the difficulty of reviewing in print the large volume of poetry pamphlets that get published every year. Was interesting to see the pamphlets that're going to be reviewed in the next issue, as some of them are pamphlets that I'm hoping to review myself, either for Sabotage Reviews (Knives Forks and Spoons stuff) or The Cadaverine (Richie McCaffery's Spinning Plates). Recognised most of the other presses that popped up too, like Oystercatcher, Salt, Smith/Doorstop. Am going to order both of Boyle's poetry collections from Faber & Faber, once I can get another £10 Amazon UK voucher via Valued Opinions. Didn't leave the 'reading' empty-handed though, as I asked Michael to let me have the back issues of The Warwick Review that I'm missing. Must remember to take out a subscription before I go back to Singapore for good...

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