Thursday, June 28, 2012

Episode 1375: Many Meetings

So I had a great time in London today. Finally met up with David Tait, so that's one more editor checked off the to-meet list! Also ran into George Ttoouli, which was a nice surprise. Got introduced to Jon Stone, who co-edits Fuselit with Kirsten Irving. (The magazine looks cool and I'm going to order the latest issue, maybe get some of the stuff from Sidekick Books too.) Would've liked to have stayed for one of the Poetry Parnassus events, but I'd promised Cui that I'd be at the Alvin Pang reading she organised at Woolfson & Tay. So I finally got to meet Alvin, whom David had coincidentally met at the launch for Alvin's new book from Arc, When The Barbarians Arrive. Pretty much had to dash off after his reading and a bit of the open mic after (where I read out 'Homecoming' and 'Caged', the latter's one of my favourites to read out because it's short but has a great twist ending), and even then, I barely made it to Victoria Coach Station in time. (Same thing sort of happened this morning at Cannon Park because my laptop was being uncooperative!) So all in all, a pretty great day.

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