Saturday, June 23, 2012

Episode 1370: NatWest Fail Redux

Ha! I knew it was too good to be true. The NatWest epic fail is apparently still ongoing. The bank's trying to downplay it as a technical glitch, but it's clearly a pretty bad one if it's still plaguing their system after a week. In fact, the problem's actually got worse for me, as now I can't even transfer money between my savings and current accounts. NatWest says it's keeping bank branches open to ensure people won't have problems getting money out, but hey, thanks for closing your branch on my university campus. I'm not paying money to get a bus to take my money out of my account because you're incapable of resolving a technical fault in your system. That's just ridiculous, if you ask me. On a happier note, after all the computer drama yesterday in the Library, I've finally finished my portfolio. That just leaves the 1500-word commentary to write, which I may have a crack at now, failing which, I'll do it at some point tomorrow. I spent just over two hours in the Library last night after that fiasco, retyping stuff. I think the end result is an improvement over what I had, and I've tweaked the fictional e-mails a bit again this afternoon anyway.

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