Sunday, June 17, 2012

Episode 1364: Buying Literary Magazines...

Just bought myself the current issue of theNewerYork and pre-ordered the next one, which is due for release in August, so hopefully it'll arrive before I leave the country. Also thinking of getting the first issue of death hums, but it depends on whether they ship internationally, so still waiting to hear back on Twitter. Speaking of which, I've resorted to tweeting Ted Baker in order to get their attention regarding my failed orders and non-reversed charges. Looking at their Twitter page, it seems like I'm not the only person having issues with ordering stuff, and I'm hoping that resorting to social media will mean my issue gets resolved quicker. It worked when I last did it, trying to get Virgin Media to sort out terminating the Internet account at my old house. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that these days, I get quite excited about buying literary magazines. Not stuff that's been around for ages and has a huge catalogue of back issues. I'm excited about magazines that are just starting out, and at the risk of sounding like a print fetishist, I really like being able to order a physical magazine and have it arrive in the post. Of course, I love online journals as well, or I wouldn't be involved in editing quite a few of them, and my love for print isn't because I think print is more prestigious than electronic (my one-sentence view on the issue is that there's more than enough room for both to coexist in the literary ecosystem). I just think qualitatively speaking, the reading experience changes depending on whether you're reading off a printed page or a screen, and I like having that variety, I really do.

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