Thursday, June 21, 2012

Episode 1368: Oh NatWest...

The NatWest saga has found a resolution. It seems that my issue wasn't an isolated one and was in fact part of something systemic. So the Ted Baker transactions have actually been wiped from my records, as if the money never left the account to begin with. Have now placed a new order for theNewerYork, and also one for Midwestern Gothic (summer sale on all issues!) and said magazine's editor Robert James Russell's novella, Sea Of Trees. Have heard nothing but good things about the novella, and I've been eagerly waiting for it to become available through Amazon UK (so that I can save on international shipping). Still haven't started writing, although a portfolio/essay-writing party might be happening tomorrow in the Library with Tory, but I will definitely get started on something after I've caught up with all my TV shows for today. Have had a few lines running through my head, and it's now a question of whether I want to write the 'letters' as syllabic poems or in prose. My current plan? Write them in syllabic lines, but justify the text so it looks like a block of typed prose.

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