Thursday, June 14, 2012

Episode 1361: Ted Baker Sale, Why Do You Tease Me So?

I love Ted Baker, but I usually only buy it when there's a sale. Was originally just going to buy two wallets, but then just as I placed the order, one of them must have gone out of stock and the website hadn't updated yet, so it wasn't successful. Then I was going to buy the remaining wallet, plus two belts and a pair of shorts. Was going so far as to admit to myself that it's time I start buying size 34 again, instead of pretending to myself that I'm still a size 32, plus this new total amount would have got me free shipping. (Yes, I'm aware it's just a cunning ploy to get people to spend beyond a threshold amount.) Guess what? Now the other wallet is no longer available online. So barring the wallets suddenly becoming available online again in the near future, it doesn't look like I'm buying anything during this sale anymore! Really wish I'd acted faster now, as the wallets were really nice. They're both still available in a physical store, it seems, so I suppose there might be a chance that more stock will be made available for ordering through the online store. Sigh...

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