Friday, June 29, 2012

Episode 1376: Many Pamphlets

Finally picked up all my post today from the Post Room. Lots of pamphlets, basically. Stuff from the Faber New Poets series, Holdfire Press (speaking of which, I really should think about putting together a pamphlet submission for them), and Penned in the Margins, plus a couple of novels. Want to just dive in and start reading, but there's still reviewing to be done. (Although let's be honest, all I really want to do is continue reading Snobs.) So I also met up with two Phils this afternoon. Chatted with Phil Jourdan over lunch about books and music, and also about plans to help me take things with Eunoia Review to the next level, which I'm very excited about. Have been wondering about ways to continue doing literary stuff even after I've left the UK, and this feels like the perfect opportunity. Then I posted some returns to Amazon UK and had coffee with Phil How, as well as finally getting my copy of the Writing MA anthology. This latest is twice as thick as the previous one, interestingly with no contents page or page numbers. Looking forward to reading the work of my friends though...

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