Sunday, June 10, 2012

Episode 1357: I Caved...

Caved this morning and sent my supervisor the thing I did for Introduction to Research Methods before leaving for church. Figured there was no point in wasting time worrying about a pseudo-deadline when there's a real one looming at the end of the month. (Two weeks to write 6000 words is entirely doable, and I'm excited to get going with this one anyway. Have decided I'm going to put the dissertation out of my mind until this essay is done. One thing at a time, right?) This did mean that I could enjoy the rest of the day stress-free though. Watched another episode of Downton Abbey after the morning service, then met up with Phil and Sarah for a drink in Costa, and pool afterwards. Then after the evening service, I discovered another item on the Varsity menu that I love: the Dirty Rocky. Way too much food, but so much chicken goodness! (To be honest, it's really just the batter they use that's really yummy. That and the hot sauce.) Also, in preparation for reading Joey Comeau's newest book The Complete Lockpick Pornography (which is really two thematically related novels being published in one volume, Lockpick Pornography and We All Got It Coming), I've started rereading Overqualified, his novel told through a series of cover letters. It's heartbreakingly funny, and I definitely recommend it to everyone.

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