Monday, June 18, 2012

Episode 1365: NatWest, Do You Hate Me?

So that's three refunds that for whatever reason haven't been credited back to my bank account. (My order of theNewerYorkM fell through because the website somehow didn't add on international shipping.) Have tweeted NatWest, in the hopes of getting an answer by tomorrow. Have also decided that I'll submit my EN911 portfolio next Monday, rather than my EN954 essay. Had thought I would stick to my plan of trying to work on the essay till Thursday, and then if I didn't have at least 1000 words down by then, I'd switch to working on the portfolio. That was before I realised that once I add up all the work I want to include, I already have 3400+ words, which means the portfolio is practically done. Just need to write the 'Dear Mike' series of letters, inspired by Lim Tzay-Chuen's proposal to move the Merlion to Venice for the Biennale in 2005 and reading Joey Comeau's Overqualified, as well as possibly extending either (or both) of the flash fictions I've included, so as to replace a long sonnet sequence. (I like the sequence, just not sure that it meshes very well with the rest of the portfolio, aesthetically speaking.) Then I can bash out the commentary in an hour or two, I think. The major advantage of deciding to hand in the portfolio instead of the essay is that I can immediately start catching up on my reviews, which is crucial as I have more than a dozen titles pending now!

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