Thursday, July 02, 2009

Episode 283: The Bus Ride Costs What?!

Spent my time transferring more shows for Eugene Chan onto the external hard drive I bought for him. Maybe I shouldn't have informed him that I'd updated my list of shows. Anyway, that's all done now, so I just need to find a time to pass it to him. I will do it on Sunday, if I go for the food thing that Steffi's organising, which depends on whether I'm getting my handphone repaired before service or not. If I am, then I can't go, but if I'm not, then I can make it down for a while before heading to church. Anyway, I went down to the airport to pick up Laura and Luke, since I had nothing much to do. Their flight arrived on time, but their baggage took ages to come out! Took me a while to spot them, but even after I did, I had to wait about another 10 minutes before they came out. Not impressed. Changi's supposed to be better than that! I would also like to register my shock at how much bus fares have gone up, at least when one pays by cash. It cost $1.90 to get from the airport to Yishun on 858, but it then cost another $1 to take 804, which is just a feeder service, for crying out loud. It's positively criminal. Why, I remember when it used to cost about half that amount! To think I was happy about coming back to the comparative efficiency of the Singaporean public transport network. Not impressed. Not one bit.

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