Thursday, July 09, 2009

Episode 290: School Attachment Day 3

Have begun typing out my project report. I've decided that going all the way and including citations is a bit crazy, so I'm just going to toss everything that I've read into a bibliography at the end. I've got some pretty good strategies, although I'm not sure whether all of them can be successfully implemented. Admittedly, that's not under my purview; I'm just here to suggest what can be done, not what necessarily will be done. The ease with which I employ academese is a bit disturbing though. When I re-read what I've typed, it's pretty obvious to me that a lot of it is deliberately saying things in a way that sounds more intelligent. I'm not necessarily obfuscating, but the clarity that I'm aiming for isn't of the sort that's for mass consumption either. Occupational hazard, perhaps, of someone who deals in words for a living? By the way, I don't think I've raved about the new series of Torchwood yet. It's bloody brilliant. Who cares if the plot's tacky and overused? It beats watching someone proclaim on national television that she's the 'Asian Avril Lavigne'. That, in case you don't live in Singapore, was what some girl auditioning for Singapore Idol claimed. Without being unnecessarily harsh and judgemental, suffice it to say that I don't have much hope that she's going to live up to her claim. Frankly, if you're the Asian Avril Lavigne, I'm the Asian David Archuleta.

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