Monday, July 13, 2009

Episode 294: School Attachment Day 5

So I finally had my first lesson observation today. It was okay, didn't actually have to do anything apart from sit at the back of the classroom. Didn't manage to make much headway with my report, apart from re-reading everything that I've written before. Will try harder tomorrow! Got back home and that's when the day started taking a turn for the worse. Some guy was setting up the mio TV service, and that was kind of not going well. I managed to get the wireless connection up and running, but now I couldn't download any torrents, thanks to the inbuilt firewall of the 2Wire integrated modem/router. Tried my best to fix the problem, but I've given up hope, so tomorrow, after I get back from school, I'm connecting the old modem and router back. None of this 2Wire crap for me! So because of this, I ended up being late for dinner with Vaish and the guys at Gokul. Inconsiderate people at the MRT station did not help matters, and I was properly ticked off by the time I boarded the train. Dinner itself was fine and a good reminder of how easy it is to slip back into some friendships. I like Indian food!

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