Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Episode 310: I Baked A Cake!

Today, I baked my first cake. It was flavoured with cinnamon and honey, a very simple recipe really. It turned out well though! My mum agrees. This is the start of bigger things, mark my words. Before you know it, I'll be a master chef. Haha! Have just revamped the contents of my iPod, rediscovering in the process some music that I'd forgotten I even had. I really need to get myself an iPod Classic that can hold my entire iTunes library! This exercise of picking and choosing what goes into my iPod is, admittedly, not very useful, since I tend to listen to a particular album a lot for a couple of days, then switch to something else. I like having options though, that's the thing. Have also begun watching the short-lived New Amsterdam, and yet again, I find myself lamenting how screwed up Fox is as a television network. These days, it really is all about advertising dollars and the bottom line, huh? Virtuality, coincidentally also staring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from New Amsterdam, is a prime example of how Fox just can't get things right. So another perfectly adequate premise bites the dust, simply because Americans want more of trash like American Idol and The Amazing Race. I swear reality TV has killed off meaningful programming.

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