Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Episode 309: Joss Whedon, I Salute You

Have watched the unaired pilot of Dollhouse. Despite Alex's protestations, I still really like this show and I'm glad it hasn't been cancelled. Yet. What I don't get is why the pilot was supposedly too confusing to the test audiences it was screened for. I hate to say this, but is the average American even lazier than I thought? I know we call the television the 'idiot box', but the pilot's plot is hardly rocket science. Besides, if you could peg the show right from the pilot, why would you want to carry on watching? The unaired bonus episode, 'Epitaph One', is brilliant, although I can't imagine how Joss Whedon is going to get to that dystopian 2019 before the network pulls the plug on the series. Haha! My theory is that the pilot was asking too many difficult questions and not delivering the pat answers Americans seem to take such great comfort in. Oh well. Anyway, I've copied over the contents of Eugene Chan's external hard drive, so I'm more or less done. Just need to find a couple more shows, which will take a week (but it's nothing urgent), rip his Six Feet Under DVDs for him, and I'll be done. Have also found some new music today, including solo work by Switch 22 member, Stefan D'Bart, flaunting a grittier image than in his duo project, now apparently on hiatus despite being signed to Universal. The tunes straddle the boundary between radio- and club-friendly quite nicely. Also had the chance to listen to a few Steve Appleton tracks, and I think this is one album that I might be getting. It's like acoustic electronica, if that even makes sense. The music itself sounds relentlessly happy, which is bound to put some people off, but I can deal with that. So along with his debut, I'm eagerly anticipating that of FrankMusik as well as the sophomore Sleepthief album, which if the first single, 'World Gone Crazy', is anything to go by, is going to be amazing. On a side note, O2 is the second UK mobile network to provide two-way service on Twitter! Perhaps more of my friends will get into it now?

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